Undergraduate Projects

Sponsored in part by NSF REU Supplements to Grants #1619678 and #1703340

Robotito2018 (by Michael Degrande – 2018)

SCS-Robotito2016-ROS (by David Ehrenhaft – 2018)

USF Robobulls 2018: 2-wheeled RaspberryPi robot design (by Daniel Heshmaty, Ryan McBride, Brian Smith, Michael Smith, Warren Willingham, and Conner Wulf – 2018)

NSL/SCS integration with USF Robobulls 2-wheeled RaspberryPi robots (by Patrick Farris, Joaquin Padilla, Diego Perozo, and Bryce Pfeiffer – 2019)

USF Robobulls 4-wheeled RoboCup Small-Size League (SSL) Autonomous Robot Soccer (2012-present)

Drone Navigation (by Bishop Clark – 2019)

  • pending